HMRC Warns About Tax Return Fraud Risk

People who own their own business or are freelancers have been warned to be careful when filling out their tax return, as there is a risk of fraudulent activity. 

Tax Liability

Top Tips When Filing Taxes Last Minute

Most people and businesses try their best to get their tax returns and self-assessment filings completed as soon as possible after 6th April in order to give themselves the least hassle when paying off these taxes, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry.

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What Is A Windfall Tax?

Over the past year, with a range of increases to taxes, mortgages, energy bills and the general cost of living, discussions surrounding a concept known as a windfall tax

tax time

What Tax Changes May Be On The Way?

The issue of tax has been at the heart of the recent political turbulence and while that may have seen a swift turnover of prime ministers and chancellors

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What Is A Deliberate Defaulter?

HMRC have a policy for naming and shaming deliberate tax defaulters. Here is what that means and how a tax accountant can help you avoid it.

Accounting Records

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Accounting Records

Keeping accounting records is an essential part of becoming financially responsible. Through historical documents, businesses can keep track of their growth, losses, and other financial hardships they went through in the past. However, there are many questions surrounding accounting records that require some answers. Therefore, before keeping accounting records, try to learn more about the …

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