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Our expert tax return accountants are here to help make your self assessment tax return a breeze. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step, so you can get your taxes done quickly and accurately.

Completing your self-assessment tax return can be confusing. Many people don’t understand the initial registration process and often aren’t registered to submit tax returns. Understanding the income to declare and the extensive tax deductible expenses and allowances can be a minefield. The penalties for incorrect tax returns can be severe.

Engage YRF Accountants to prepare and file your HMRC self-assessment tax return. You’ll benefit from the wealth of accounting experience and expertise of our personal tax team. No matter how simple or complex your tax affairs, we’ll help and advise you so that you meet your HMRC self-assessment tax deadlines and avoid unnecessary mistakes and penalties. Get in touch with our self-assessment tax return team today.

How It Works

1. Sign-up with us

We’ll ask you to complete the registration form and return it to us. Once you’re registered with us, we will than move onto the next stage. 

2. Answer few simple questions

Once signed-up, you will be asked to answer few questions online, once we’ve received everything we need, we’ll prepare your tax returns.

3. Get connected with a qualified tax accountant

You’ll be connected with one of our certified tax accountant, who is a best match to prepare your tax return. They will also keep connected with you throughout the process and update you on the progress from start to finish.

4.We'll submit your self assessment tax return

Once you’ve signed off your tax return, we will file your tax return online. That’s DONE. 

Tax Return Deadline

Paper tax return must be sent by 31st October every year, whereas the electronic tax return deadline is 31st January each year. This is also the same date where all your income taxes and national insurances due to be paid in full to avoid financial penalties.

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering how to file Self Assessment Tax return in the UK is the fact that it is very important to pay your taxes on time. If you don’t, HMRC will send you fine. 

Pay Your Self Assessment Tax

The process for how to file Self-Assessment Tax return in the UK is similar to how to file a EFRBS tax return. However, there are some additional rules you will have to follow. Anyone who receives income which is not taxable at source should do so by completing a self-assessment. This means any self-employed person , a small business, an individual, and a partnership, must do so. The self-assessment should be done before the first payment of tax is made to HMRC.

YRF Accountants can make this process simple and easy for you.

Why You Should Choose Us

YRF Accountants offer a comprehensive preparation of Self Assessment Tax Returns. Using our service, you can be assured of one thing – there will be no mistakes on your tax return, it will never happen, which means that you will never be bothered by HMRC.

  • We ensure that your Annual Self-Assessment Tax Return is filed quickly and efficiently.
  • Minimise your tax exposure by taking advantage of 15 minutes with our tax specialists.

The great news is that with our help it’s both cheap and straight forward to keep you compliant!

Get your taxes done quickly and with peace of mind.